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The European Committee of the Regions highlights the services put in place by the Xunta to deal with Brexit

The study "New trade and economic relations between the EU and the UK: the impact on regions and cities" was presented at the seventh meeting of the Contact Group between the European Committee of the Regions and the UK in Brussels. The meeting was attended by the Director General for External Relations and the EU, Jesús Gamallo, and also addressed the search for synergies between the EU and the UK at regional and local level to support the energy transition.

The Galician government strengthens its ties with the European Union during a visit to Brussels to discuss Galicia’s priorities before the European Union

The second vice-president of the Xunta de Galicia, Diego Calvo, made an institutional visit to Brussels where he announced the implementation of a strategy to strengthen Galicia's position in the European sphere. During his visit to Brussels, accompanied by the General Director of Foreign Relations and with the EU, Jesús Gamallo, Diego Calvo visited the Fundación Galicia Europa and met with the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Spain to the European Union.