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Fundación Galicia Europa: bridging the gap between Europe and Galicia

Fundación Galicia Europa (FGE) was established in 1988 with the mission of setting up a Galician office in Brussels and furthering the rapprochement between Galicia and Europe. Linked to the Directorate General of Foreign Affairs and EU Relations of Xunta de Galicia, the FGE has offices in both Santiago de Compostela and Brussels.

Since 2010, the FGE has been part of Galicia’s regional public sector as an instrumental entity, and in 2015, the Decree on Galician External Action recognised its mandate “to exercise Galician regional representation before the institutions and bodies of the European Union following the guidelines of the regional government and respecting the principles of unity of Spain’s external action”. This recognition is maintained in Law 10/2021, of 9 March, regulating Galicia’s external action and cooperation for development.

In 2018, the first Galician External Action Strategy highlights that the EGF “is the spearhead of Galician participation in European affairs”. It also points out that, since its creation, “it has strengthened Galicia’s presence in Europe through active and effective participation in all those forums and bodies where it could make its voice heard”. It also stresses that through its office in Brussels, “Galicia carries out actions typical of a lobby to defend the interests of Galician society and its main productive sectors”.

Galicia Europa Foundation

These are our four areas of activity:

Defending Galicia's interests before the EU

The FGE monitors EU policies, supports and advises Galician representatives in EU institutions and bodies. At the same time, organises visits by political and technical leaders to Brussels. It also promotes Galician participation in the debate forums held in Brussels and collaborates with other regions in the framework of different cooperation networks aimed at defending of common interests.

Promoting Galician participation in European projects

The FGE promotes the participation of Galician entities in European projects in order to boost the competitiveness of both the public and private sectors of Galicia. This entails technical advice, search for partners at the EU level, organising meetings with EU institutions’ representatives or even the active participation of the FGE in European projects and partnerships.

The FGE, organise training sessions and seminars on the EU funding topic.

Information on the European Union in Galicia

The three main axes of the European information provided by the FGE comprise the evolution of European policies, the possibilities of EU funding, and employment and internship opportunities in the EU institutions. It does so through its website, social networks and the monthly newsletter.

Training and awareness-raising about Europe in Galicia

In its more than 30 years of existence, more than 500 people have had the opportunity to learn about the EU through its annual traineeships in EU affairs, Communication, and Administration. In addition, the FGE organises all kinds of events in Galicia to explain the European Union to Galician citizens.


The Board of trustees is the representative, governing and administrative body of the Galicia Europa Foundation. It is made up of representatives of its member entities.



Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela

President of the Xunta de Galicia


Vice Presidente

Diego Calvo Pouso

Second Vice-President and Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Sports of the Xunta de Galicia


Marta Viñas Hylass-Bernoud

Legal Adviser to the Second Vice-Presidency and Ministry
of Presidency, Justice and Sports of the Xunta de Galicia


Jesús Mª Gamallo Aller

Director General of External Relations and the EU of the Xunta de Galicia




Francisco José Conde López

First Vice-President and Minister of Economy, Industry and Innovation of the Xunta de Galicia

José González Vázquez

Minister for the Rural Environment of the Xunta de Galicia

Rosa María Quintana Carballo

Minister of the Sea of the Xunta de Galicia

Miguel Corgos López-Prado

Minister of Finances and Public Administration of the Xunta de Galicia

D. Miguel Angel Escotet Álvarez

Director of Social Responsibility, Sustainability
and Communication of ABANCA

David Regades Fernández

State Delegate in the Vigo Free Trade Zone Consortium (Consorcio da Zona Franca de Vigo)

Valentín González Formoso

President of the
Deputación de A Coruña

José Tomé Roca

President of the Deputación de Lugo

Patricia Argerey Vilar

Director of the Galician Innovation Agency
(GAIN, Axencia Galega de Innovación)

Organization chart

Director: Jesús Mª Gamallo Aller
Director of Brussels office: Ana Ramos Barbosa

Experts team for the analysis of EU policies (Brussels office):

  • Vanessa Lobo Casas – Coordinator of European policies.
  • Carolina González – Advisor for European policies.

Experts team for the analysis of EU policies (Santiago de Compostela office):

  • Pilar del Oro Sáez – EuroXuventude

Administrative team (Santiago de Compostela office):

  • Patricia Somorrostro – Management coordinator
  • Mª Belén Rodríguez Martín – Head of administration
  • Mª Pilar Louro García – Administrative assistant

Administrative team (Brussels office):

  • Marlène Fernández González – Head of administration

Trainees (Brussels):
From September 1st 2023 to July 31st 2024.

  • Anxo Rodas Arca – European policies
  • Inés González Piñeiro – European policies
  • Selene García Torreiro – Communication
  • Lorena Pena Baldomir – Administration
  • Carla Silvar Fernández – R+D+i

Founding member entities

Xunta de GaliciaAbanca

Member entities adhered

Zona Franca VigoDeputación de A CoruñaDeputación LugoGain