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2020, the year of the pandemic, was a year full of lots of change at all levels. For the European Union, it was also a real test that showed how European construction is progressing in times of great crisis. Despite its limited competences in health, it has put all its means at its disposal to coordinate national responses and fight the spread of the virus throughout Europe while trying to preserve the free movement of people, goods and services.

At FGE we focus our efforts on analyzing and explaining in Galicia the role of the EU in this crisis, especially in the economic response that began to take shape in 2020 and that today we are already very close to seeing it materialize. In order to understand the scope of the new Next Generation EU recovery temporary Instrument approved by European leaders in July, we are holding five meetings in the autumn between Second Vice President and Minister of Economy Francisco Conde and various senior EU institutions. On a more technical level, we have also organized 14 virtual meetings between the European Commission and the Xunta de Galicia to explain the European policies that guide this recovery. These meetings, together with the analysis of the FGE, contributed to the Xunta being better prepared to launch Next Generation Galicia, the channel through which the Community wants to apply for European recovery funds and thus take advantage of the opportunity for economic transformation and social.

On the other hand, 2020 was also the beginning of the digitization of the FGE. With the momentum of the pandemic, we have increased our participation in social media, started designing a new web portal, and launched a new digital newsletter. With this enhanced use of digital media, we have increased our visibility and we have reached more people with our European information on the other.

The consequence of this digitization is that for the first time we abandoned the Activity Report on paper and now we present it in a digital format that improves its distribution and online consultation. We present it in two formats:

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