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The European Union has budget lines that financially support the implementation of its policies in different areas: research, health, environmental protection, education, cooperation with third countries, etc.

These lines are accessible through the submission of project proposals, which require certain requirements such as having a European dimension, having an innovative approach or having a multiplier effect with lasting effects.

Check out our guidelines for participating in European projects here:

  • The new financial context
  • Community funds in practice
  • European project elaboration manual

This information and a description of all the programs are included in the new Community Funding Guide 21-27 (Guía de Financiamento Comunitario 21-27).

Previous guides

The Galicia Europa Foundation makes available to all Galicians a Community Funding Guide which briefly and accurately presents the different sources of Community funding available, highlighting the key aspects in the preparation and development of European projects.

These guides are not intended to be an exhaustive manual, but a reference for a first contact with the programs, terminology and peculiarities of this type of fund. All this with the aim of helping Galician entities to identify the most appropriate funding opportunities and thus contribute to raising funds in Galicia.