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The Government of Galicia presents the goals and results of the Galician Skills Agenda to the regions and cities of Europe

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— The Committee of the Regions plenary also debated the preservation of EU wilderness areas, as well as the protection of livestock from attacks by large carnivorous

Brussels, February 13th 2023. The Director-General of Foreign and European Union relations, Jesús Gamallo, took part in the first plenary session of the year of the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) representing Galicia. He was responsible for presenting the Community’s work in the field of vocational training, as well as three amendments to the opinion on EU legislation on the restoration of nature.

In the debate on the European Year of Skills, Gamallo brought Galicia’s experience in improving the training of the workforce to the debate. The Galician Skills Agenda, he explained, works in collaboration with companies and other agents in the field of training, the digitalisation of the Galician Employment Service and training throughout people’s working lives. These initiatives are also related to the Galicia Return Strategy 2023-2026, which seeks the return of Galician emigrants. The initiative also helps to fill job vacancies where there is a lack of candidates and to alleviate the demographic decline.

“Galicia is committed to training, education and retraining, as well as to the return of emigrants who see our measures as an opportunity to return to their homeland,” said Gamallo.

Galicia’s participation in the plenary session also focused on the environment. The Director-General presented three amendments to the CoR opinion on the future European Nature Restoration Act. Gamallo described the changes presented as a way of demanding more guarantees from states in the protection of the environment. The CoR also debated the increase in attacks by large carnivores on livestock in EU territory. Galicia, alongside other Spanish regions, defends its management method to control the population of these species, in the case of Galicia the wolf, and to minimise the economic damage caused to livestock farmers.

Fisheries and cross-border cooperation, Spain’s priorities for the CoR

The first plenary session of the year saw the presentation to the President of the Committee of the Regions, Vasco Alves Cordeiro, of the Priorities of the Spanish Delegation to the Committee of the Regions for the year 2023. The document reflects the interests and sensitivities of the regions regarding EU policies and objectives within the framework of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of this year. Fisheries and aquaculture, tourism and cross-border cooperation, areas in which Galicia participated actively in the preparation of the document, are among these priorities.

European Committee of the Regions

The European Committee of the Regions is the consultative assembly in which the local and regional authorities of the European Union are represented. The plenary session of the CoR meets six times a year. Representing the Region of Galicia, the titular member is the President of the Xunta de Galicia, while the position of substitute member is held by the Director-General of Foreign and EU Relations.

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